On the page the following text is placed, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations". The regulations contain information about the privacy policy, terms of use of the website and the regulations themselves.


  1. Each of the persons visiting the is obliged to read the content of the regulations.
  2. These regulations define the way in which the use of the website should take place. It concerns how the content on this website is received.
  3. Each of the content on the is for informational purposes only.
  4. You are notified that we are not registered as a broker or dealer of financial services based on a regulatory authority. The creators of the portal do not have licenses and appropriate qualifications for investment advice. The information that has been posted on this website should be treated by the recipient as educational or informational content.
  5. is an information page. It may have advertisements and links to other websites from which the owner of the website may receive remuneration or other profits. It depends on the agreed conditions.
  6. The information posted on the website is the opinions and views of the creators and visitors to the website. This is how the interpretation of the content should be understood. Messages posted on the are the property of the owners of the site. It is forbidden to distribute, change and use the content of the site. In the event of a violation of these provisions, the editorial office of the reserves the right to initiate court proceedings.
  7. Users, readers and visitors make their own financial decisions. The owners of do not bear the consequences of these decisions. Materials contained on the website should not be treated as an offer or recommendation.
  8. The user of the website acknowledges that investment and trading are activities based on speculation, carrying a high risk of losses. Any person can lose all or most of the funds in their account. Therefore, it should not engage in listing an activity in advance without consulting an expert in the field of financial advice. The owners of the portal inform that risking capital that a person cannot afford is extremely unresponsed.
  9. Investments in Forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, binary options or other financial instruments should not be based on the content of We acknowledge that we do not have a license or registration as a financial consultant or advisor. Before investing, check the risk warning on your broker's website.
  10. You invest in securities, binary options or other financial instruments at your own risk. The editors of are not responsible for the financial losses of their readers.
  11. User comments, so their content becomes public messages.
  12. We reserve the right to delete comments that:
    1. They are not related to the content of the article.
    2. They are vulgar, obscene, offensive, regardless of the form of their publication, such as text, sound or graphics. It is forbidden to use profanity also in abbreviated form, e.g. with dots.
    3. They are against applicable law.
    4. They are part of political, social, advertising or other campaigns.
    5. They contain an excessive amount of unnecessary information – spam.
    6. They have an avatar that violates the law or good customs.
    7. They are unreadable due to stylistic and spelling errors that make it impossible to read the meaning of the statement.
    8. They are written with capital letters or with a large number of special characters.
    9. They contain personal data of private persons and concern third parties who are not related to the article.
    10. They contain private data such as address, email, phone number
    11. They are addressed to the editors of
  13. It is forbidden to post comments:
    1. Encouraging the consumption of alcohol, drugs or drugs.
    2. Aimed at insulting public figures or accusing other persons with unverified allegations.
  14. The right to modify entries that violate the regulations is reserved.
  15. The right to change the provisions of the regulations at any time, with immediate effect from the moment of their publication, is reserved.

Liability of the service:

  1. Every person who visits should read the regulations contained on the website.
  2. The content of the site may contain links to affiliate programs, from which the owner can draw profits.
  3. The owner of the site is not responsible for the content that is on other pages to which the user may be redirected.
  4. The page may contain promotions of companies and financial institutions, from which the owner can receive profit.
  5. The content from the website is for informational purposes. They are not a suggestion or incentive to perform any transactions in trading in financial instruments or other forms of investment.
  6. Information from the is not a recommendation regarding financial instruments, their issuers or issuers.
  7. The content placed on the portal is not legal and financial advice.
  8. The user using the website declares that he has read and understood what are the rules of activity in force on the
  9. The owner of the does not take responsibility for the consequences
    1. Making investment decisions by the user or third parties based on knowledge from the website.
    2. Losses arising from investments based on recommendations, forecasts or news downloaded from the website.
    3. Redirects to portals or institutions and does not guarantee their reliability, correctness and method of operation.


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