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According to the broker on its website, it was founded in 1996. Currently, it is one of the largest and most recognized companies in the industry. He believes that the combination of advanced technology with excellent customer service allows us to meet the needs of modern traders in an ever-changing trading environment. Among the reasons to trust him, he mentions the following possibilities: the use of user-friendly trading platforms, access to more than 750 financial instruments and to educational materials and tutorials suitable for different levels of advancement.

Licenses and certificates held

As the broker informs, it is licensed, which indicates its security. This is an FSC license. For more information on broker licensing, please refer to the online resources.

iFOREX – fees and commissions

The broker has posted information about the fees it charges. It informs that the opening and closing of transactions on CFDs are exempt from payment. For a full price list of fees and commissions, please refer to the broker's website.

Minimum deposit

As the broker informs, in order to start trading with him, you must pay a minimum deposit. It is $100. This investment can be covered by leverage of up to 400.

iFOREX – demo account

The broker allows you to create a demo account to be able to practice your trading skills. According to his information, a demo account is created after activating the actual trading account. If you have any questions about the demo account, you can contact customer support.

Opinions about iFOREX on forums and online blogs

The broker enjoys good reviews on the Internet. Many users are impressed by the level of service of the broker. However, some complain that it could charge slightly lower fees. Reading all the reviews, it is difficult to draw any specific conclusions. Many comments simply contradict each other, which makes it difficult to consider them valuable. Our editorial team does not give a final opinion, claiming that it takes some time to be able to evaluate the broker from a longer perspective.

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Broker headquarters


Why do rates change?

As the broker informs, there are many reasons for this state of affairs. These are, for example, economic and political conditions, interest rates, inflation, economic events, demand and supply.

What is Pip?

According to the broker in the financial markets, a pip refers to the smallest unit of change in the rate. Most major currency pairs are priced using four or five decimal places. Pip is the fourth digit after the decimal point, and the fifth digit is the tenth of the Pips. For dollar currencies, pips are equal to 1/100th of a cent.

Can I trade on my mobile device?

On the broker's website you can find information that it offers an advanced mobile platform, compatible with most smartphones and tablets.


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