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The broker through the website wrote that it brings together a team of financial market specialists so that the clients of his company have the best possible trading conditions. It also provides an innovative platform guided by both beginners and advanced traders. He approaches each client individually, giving him the best possible support to achieve success in trading.

Licenses and certificates held

Unfortunately, we did not find information about whether the broker has licenses and certificates. Therefore, we do not know if the broker is regulated. To determine this, we recommend that you contact our customer service.

Finmax – fees and commissions

The broker informed that it charges fees on the funds in the account. This is the case in case of inactivity of the broker. This also takes place when withdrawing funds.

Minimum deposit

It depends on your account. For basic accounts, it is smaller. To know the exact amounts, please refer to the broker's website.

Finmax – demo account

The broker posted information that it allows trading using a demo account. It is used to improve investor skills. You can practice trading on it without losing real funds.

Reviews about Finmax on forums and online blogs

Browsing the Internet, you can find that the broker enjoys the reputation of a professional. Many Internet users speak about fruitful cooperation with the broker. There were also a few negative voices, but they were quite sporadic. They cannot establish an objective opinion our editorial office abstains from voting.

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Broker headquarters


What assets can be traded with a broker?

The broker reported that these are: Forex currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities.

Should I pay tax on the income I receive?

According to the broker, income is taxed according to the regulations of the country in which you are resident.

How can I make a deposit to my account?

The broker informs you that the methods of depositing the deposit are listed on the website. These are deposits via bank cards, transfers.


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